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The Inchcape
Some Facts

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Some Facts

ALB (All-Weather Lifeboat) RNLB 'Inchape' arrived in August 1993 to be Arbroath's latest lifeboat.

It was originally designated the FCB (Fast carriage boat) before the 'Mersey' class name was chosen.

The lifeboat is of the 'Mersey' class. These carriage launched (but also Slipway capable) boats were introduced in 1988 and it is the 35th of 37 produced.

Arbroath has had a Lifeboat for over 200 years since 1803.

The boat was named after the infamous Inchcape reef (or Bell Rock) where many vessels and lives have met their end.

The 'Inchape' is the last and only Slipway launched ALB in Scotland.

A crew of six usually crews the lifeboat. It has a top speed of 17 knots and weighs 16 tons.

The Lifeboat cost £650,000 to build and has a minimum of 25 years expected in service.

Past to present

1865 - 1888
People's Journal No.2
Launches: 16
Saved: 18

1888 - 1900
William Soutar
Launches: 11
Saved: 11

1900 - 1925
James Stevens No.13
Launches: 44
Saved: 12

1925 - 1932
James Gowland
Launches: 10
Saved: 0

1932 - 1950
John and William Mudie
Launches: 45
saved: 27

1950 - 1953
Robert Lindsay
Launches: 4
Saved: 0

1953 - 1956
Howard D
Launches: 9
saved: 1

1956 - 1983
The Duke of Montrose
Launches: 48
Saved: 35

1983 - 1993
Launches: 28
Saved: 5

1993 - Present day
To date over 100 lives rescued

Visit the Arbroath Lifeboat's official website for more information:

The Inchcape
Some Facts

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